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Music We Love

Music Monday!

Gary Numan (of the band Tubeway Army) - Are Friends Electric? from the album Replicas 

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Music We Love

Duvan - Amason From their debut album Sky City

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Footwear News: Corey's Favorites

Footwear News feature on Corey


Footwear News featured an article dedicated to all things Corey: her favorite music, shopping, Instagram inspirations — and the footwear trend she's ready to be done with!

Check out the latest in the Seychelles x COREY footwear collab here!

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Instagram Roundup: End of 2014 Edition





A. The orange trees in Corey's yard — B. Corey's daughter in a colorful dress against their wallpaper

C. The Kaino-Calter Family for the Holidays — D.Blogger Troprouge wears our coat out in NYC

E. Long Beach swings & the Queen Mary —  F. Actress Krysten Ritter in a COREY maxi dress

G. Blogger babe Keiko Lynn in our Origami plaid coat in NYC — H. a beautiful corner at Salvation Mountain  

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Music We Love

Wolf Alice- Moaning Lisa Smile off of their album “Creature Songs”

The Gentle Waves - Falling From Grace from their album “Swansong For You”. 

White Lies- Death off of their album “To Lose My Life”.

As heard in the movie “A girl walks home alone at night”